Midwest College Consulting, LLC helps high school students identify their goals and FIND GOOD FIT COLLEGES AT WHICH TO APPLY. Our mission is to provide guidance, support AND TRANSPARENCY IN THE college planning and application procesS.


Determine Your Priorities

When it comes to college selection, figuring out what you're looking for is not necessarily an easy task. The choices are abundant and it can feel overwhelming to narrow them down.  We know how to get you thinking in the right direction, that is, the direction that's right for you.   


Find Your Fit

There's a difference between colleges that are a good match academically and colleges that meet your needs in a comprehensive way. We look not just at academics - and we look at them deeply - but we examine the social setting, the types of activities available, class sizes, location, job placement and graduation rates among many other factors when helping students narrow down schools.



Showcase Yourself

Whether your activities and interests outside of the classroom are too many to count, limited to a choice few, or somewhere in between, we provide direction to help you illuminate them through your applications and essays. We can also advise you on making your free time choices meaningful to both you and your colleges of interest.