Initial Consultation

For our first consultation, we meet with each student individually or along with their parents, accommodating the preferences of our clients. At this point we get a sense of where you are in the process. Are you starting with a blank slate? Have you done some research on your own?  Is there a particular field of study you're drawn to? What are your restrictions, concerns or requirements in terms of location, cost, athletics or special needs? Once we get a feel for your expectations and where you already are in the process, we start to formulate a plan. Our students hail from nearly forty different high schools around the country. We make sure to understand you in the context of your school, family, and community environment.

Resume Building

The resumes we help develop for our students serve two purposes. First, we develop an overview sheet in a standard resume format. Then we create an activities sheet that will be used to help complete the Common Application when the time comes. The resume can be used for college interviews, to apply for summer jobs and internships, and can be provided to teachers and counselors for recommendations. 

Testing Plan

Based on the individual goals and strengths of each student, we recommend a standardized testing plan, often including a combination of the ACT and SAT and sometimes the SAT Subject Tests. 

See our Blog Post on the ACT vs. SAT.














High Level List

Based on each student's individual academic profile, interests and requirements, we initially develop a high level list of schools. This list consists of a comprehensive comparison of each included school, based on both standard criteria (tuition, freshman class profile, admit rate, major of interest) and of individualized criteria based on each student's preferences. This list incorporates reach schools, colleges which your credentials fall below the average freshman or are extremely selective, match schools at which you fit within or exceed the profile for the average freshman, and safety schools, or schools at which your credentials are well above the range for the average freshman. We take great care to explore a wide range of colleges when recommending schools to our clients.

Target List

Using information gathered from consultations, academic profile, standardized testing, results of self evaluations and college visits, we develop a target list of 8-15 schools at which to apply. As in the High Level List, the schools will be balanced in selectivity ensuring a range of appropriate schools. Early acceptance policies have become more complicated in recent years. We'll review them all and provide guidance on how to apply to each school, based on your particular hopes and requirements. 


Some students are confident in the major and career path they intend to pursue. Others have yet to identify their interests in terms of college majors or jobs. We provide assessments to identify strengths and potential major and career matches for those students who are uncertain. For all students we discuss various majors and compare the offerings and curriculum paths at colleges of interest to see how they differ and to evaluate fit for the student. We also provide ideas for extra curricular and summer opportunities to explore areas of interest.



Application Support

The Common Application has a limited space in which to present your activities and interests. We provide guidance on how display your accomplishments within the confines of the application. Our goal is that your application is authentic, shows genuine interest in the schools you are sending it to, and tells the true story about you in a way that gets noticed by admissions officers.

Essay Evaluation

The college application essay is the one opportunity on the application to speak to the reader in your own voice. At Midwest we feel very strongly that the voice of the essay be the student's. We provide brainstorming sessions to get the wheels turning, essay evaluation and editing. We cover the Personal Statement, the very shortest supplements, and everything in between. Our goal is that the essays you submit to colleges truly reflect your individuality and are both moving and personal. We'll help draw out your voice, but we won't speak for you.

Application Timeline

We keep your applications on track with a timeline that outlines each school’s due dates for application, test scores, recommendations, interviews, transcripts, scholarships and more to ensure no application components or deadlines are missed. 

Ongoing Support

We provide full access availability for our clients via   text, email or phone.  Our lines of communication are open for our students and their parents.