Hey u high schoolers, take note!! Ur future profs deserve respect!!!

Email Netiquette tips for college students

“Hey Professor,” or simply addressing your professor in an email with no salutation at all doesn’t sit well with most college professors. Start your college career off by demonstrating professional courtesy in your email correspondence.

1. Spell words out properly: you not u

2. Include a greeting: Professor Smith,

3. Include a signature: Thank you, Alison Jones

4. Before asking questions via email, refer to the course syllabus to find out if the information      you need is there.

5. Do not use explanation points, all CAPS, smileys, winks, etc.

6. Do not use overly familiar language

7. Email is forever. If you need to discuss a heated or emotional topic, meet with your professor       in person.

8. Use a professional, not decorative, font

9. Respect your professor’s time by keeping your email short and concise

10. Take a critical look at your email address and change it if necessary.          swaglaxer14@I'vegotswag.com might not get you the respect you’re hoping to receive.